Our mission:

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Our mission is to increase the confidence of women of our society and provide them with the resources to redefine women's empowerment.

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Who We Are

A Necessary Sisterhood

You Are My Sista [yoo-ahr-mahy-sis-tah] noun 1. free thinking, solution-oriented sistas who encourage the development of positive relationships with other women.





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From working with and watching this organization grow from its beginning, I am always amazed at the progress! It’s a great outlet for Women not only in the Buffalo State community but all surrounding areas. I love this organization!

- Fletcher | program attendee


What We Believe

Our Principles



Help Not Hate

We believe that blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter thus our emphasis on being a resource for our sistas. Rather than block ones on blessings and hinder another sistas’ success, lend a helping hand. When one of us wins all of us win.

Bond Don’t Bash

All too often we highlight the things that cause division between women; race, ethnicity, texture, sexuality, body type, etc.and instead of praising the beauty of diversity it’s used as the subject line for bad-mouthing. We have that one common factor that will always connect us regardless of looks or circumstances: womanhood.

Compliment Don’t Compete

Something as simple as a polite expression of admiration is all it takes to break down the barrier to an amiable atmosphere or even developing a friendship.

Be Pretty Not Petty

Beauty is a combination of qualities and distasteful attitudes and actions can detract from it. We encourage women not to act out of spite or acknowledge trivial things but to take a stance of poise and maturity.


Get Involved

Buffalo State & Surrounding Areas

To all of our sistas enrolled at SUNY Buffalo State

  • become a member by attending 3 of our Talk Back Tuesdays

  • Volunteer with us for community service

  • Attend an event (they’re open to sistas from neighboring colleges)

Outside Of Buffalo, NY

To our sistas in N.Y.C. (or visiting)

  • Attend our upcoming workshops

  • Make a contribution to keep You Are My Sista operating in N.Y.C. by donating

  • Lend a helping hand or your talents by volunteering or collaborating with us

  • Shop Pretty and rock Y.A.M.S. gear *coming soon*